III Register of Compliant Persons

You can search for a member by entering at least one character of the first name and/or at least three characters of the last name. Academically qualified members include: CIP, C/Dip L.A., Dip PMI, APA (Personal, Commercial or Private Medical Insurance), DLDU or DLDC. Grandfathered members are accredited members based on their experience and comply with the Grandfather rules according to the Central Bank of Ireland. A list of all current and CPD compliant members matching your search criteria will be displayed.

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infoSome useful search tips: -
  1. Surnames containing 'Mc' or 'Mac' are often recorded with a space afterwards. It is worth checking both e.g. McDonnell and/or Mc Donnell.
  2. Surnames beginning with 'O' are often recorded with an apostrophe afterwards, some are recorded with a space. It is worth checking both e.g. O'Donnelly and/or O Donnelly.
  3. Firstnames may be recorded as the full name, rather than a shortened version which may be in more common use, e.g. Pat or Paddy might be stored as Patrick.
  4. Female members may not have changed their record to reflect a married name. If you know their maiden name it may be worth checking this too.


Disclaimer: The III does not guarantee that all members are listed in the foregoing list. A member may be on statutory leave, have not paid their membership fee or have opted out of being on this Register. If, as a member, you wish to opt our please email cpd@iii.ie